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aStratagy is a division of Great West Appraisal Inc. specializing in Reserve Funding Plans for Strata Corporations.  Based in British Columbia, aStratagy provides affordable depreciation reports and reserve funding plans for strata corporations and agencies with common property holdings.

Depreciation Reports & Reserve Fund Studies

All strata corporations in British Columbia must have a depreciation report completed as per the BC Strata Property Amendment Act by December 14, 2013. Our agency is available to provide depreciation reports and reserve fund studies throughout all areas of British Columbia, including the Interior, the Okanagan, the Kootenays, and Northern BC. 

Using the latest technologies, our planners perform a variety of funding models and scenarios for your strata corporation, with software providing detailed breakdowns of contributions and expenditures regardless of ownership share, which is ideal for full ownership stratas, partial ownership buildings, or timeshare projects.

Additionally, aStratagy provides your strata with various 30-year funding models for review, as well as offers to consult with your strata corporation ensuring the best model is recommended and utilized.

Completed in compliance with Section 6.2 of the BC Strata Act, our reports also meet the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. Bringing you further peace of mind, our firm carries errors and omissions insurance through the Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers.

Rates & Quotes

Offering various payment options, aStratagy's pricing model is based on a per-unit basis and includes all disbursements regardless of location. The baseline pricing is for strata developments' housing minimal amenities. Quotes for depreciation reports are provided once a preliminary inventory of all the common property is appropriated.

Our aLT Stratagy package provides substantial savings to strata corporations looking for annual updates. This four-year package includes a full depreciation report for year one and updates to the reserve fund plan for the following three years. A site inspection may be required prior to the update for the third year.

For more detailed information on the process please click on the links below.

Great West Appraisal Inc.

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Great West Appraisal Inc.

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